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Question Answer
there is a sweet bell day game? yes
how do i play the game? find the download link to the latest patch right here (window pc only). give it a download and crack that baby open and you're a couple install steps away from playing the game. no virus i promise.
speedruns? if you think you've got what it takes then head on over to the page to try for the world record. over 25 categories to choose from which one will be your favorite?
how do i get better at the game? check out the special speedrunning discord for all the latest tips and tricks
what is this SBDLC i keep hearing about? the term "SBDLC" refers to the 1.1.0 patch of the game, a major content update that included many new features. downloading the game from the link above will come prepackaged with all dlc
any future updates planned? probably not but who knows
what is the history of the game?

here are all the previous versions of the game, some of which have never been released to the public before today:

0.5.0 (beta build, very buggy)

0.9.0 (also pre-release)

0.9.5 (getting there)

1.0.0 (the first official release)

1.0.1 (adjustments to chapter 5 magic token, potential softlock in chapter 4 fixed)

1.0.2 (fixed issues with "load game" lowering your score and another chapter 4 softlock)

1.0.3 (the update that stood from sbd8 to sbdx)

1.0.5 1.0.6 1.0.9 (builds from the various stages of sbdlc development)

1.1.0 (initial release of sbdlc)

1.1.1 (adds pausing and fixes a few bugs, this is the current build)

1.3.0the nwe one, play it!

1.4.0the newest upgrade. on

all of the patch notes have been lost at sea i deeply apologize.

hey whats up? not much just making the sweet bell day the game page for the website