welcome to my fucking web site

welcome to hell basterd. you have entered my leir and are going to absolutely fucked if you decide 2 scroll down

alright buddy u think ur smart stuff? this is myfucking website so just get the F#ck out

i swear to God i will honestly flip my shit if you keep scroling down my site .

alright fine... ill tell u my secret. there is a page on this site that you do NOT want 2 go to. it is fucked up beyond belief and has some fucked up shit on it.... someone from an old sweet day was on it and it's just down right f-ed up what is on there. i was trying to warn u about this but u have no choice. i'll leave u with a qeustion that can only be answered if you truly have the potential. i thought i had the potential before but i did not havent you heard my tale? i am F*cked beyond life right now i am honestly so fuc.ked up.... so yea the answer will be to my qustion that im about to tell you. here is your hint: i walk 5 feet but never land, i hate the beach, but am fill of sand. i blink all night cuz i can't sleep. i don't like marshmellos but i Like peeps. who am i?
good luck fellow beller. see you on the flipped side >:)