What is Sweet Bell Day?

Sweet Bell Day (SBD) is an online holiday that takes place on Discord about twice a year. It runs for a full 24 hours, starting and ending at midnight EST (there is time allotted in advance to sleep). The day is filled with all kinds of personal and group challenges, weird lore, and just hanging out with random people and seeing what they create. It's amassed a bit of an intense cult following, so there are a lot of people who really go all-out for SBD. Each SBD requires hours upon hours of work to plan and execute, and real prizes (t-shirts, etc) are given to those who perform the best. This page gives a bit more info about what to expect.

Why should I participate?

The heart of SBD is really about meeting new people and all getting way too serious about the entire ridiculous event together. There's a pretty active voice call going on all day, as well as a lot of activity in the text channels. There's a Minecraft server if that's your thing, and we like to play Jackbox games. People are constantly making memes, songs, images, and just being all sorts of entertaining throughout the day. The challenges can be really rewarding to complete to the best of your abilities. It's fine if you don't want to contribute anything; just seeing the spirit other people have is most of the fun.

How do I participate?

Glad to have you on board! The most important thing to do is JOIN THE DISCORD If you check your Discord notifications this will be enough, but there are plenty of other things you can check out. Our robot helper Girl runs our Twitter page. All announcement videos are uploaded to our YouTube page. Keeping tabs on any one of these pages will be enough to be notified of the next SBD. There is also the SBD stream highlights YouTube page if you'd like to review the event videos for past SBDs. Try to be on Discord at midnight EST the day of SBD. The livestream will begin to count down an hour or so before the day begins. Once the day begins, check sweetbellday.com for further instructions.


The livestream

There is a 24-hour livestream that goes on throughout the day. Pre-recorded videos (events) will be played on the livestream at select times during the day, and these times are not revealed in advance. However, at all times the livestream is counting down to the next event. You always know the current event and when the next event will happen; just not the next one after that. Most events are around 20 minutes, and rarely more than an hour. There is always an 8 or 9 hour gap in events so that people can sleep. Most events are challenges: see the challenges section below. Some events are new lore developments: see the lore section below.


Most events are challenges. Challenges are always introduced via a video on the livestream. Past challenges (and lore videos) are archived on YouTube. Responses to challenges are submitted through the website, and then automatically posted to the challenges channel by our Discord bot girl. The real heart of SBD is not just completing the challenges, but seeing just how intense and how creative other people can be when participating in the challenges. There is a real culture of giving the challenges 110%, and lots of the submissions we get seriously take things to another level. It's really entertaining to watch strangers on the internet eat food upside down, invent their own number, or run around for an hour taking pictures of stop signs. However, if you're not planning on going all-out on the challenges that's fine! Most people don't, but just their presence is appreciated. Below is just a tiny selection of the many, many challenges we've given to people.

and so, SO many more. Check the showcase on the website for an embarrassingly incomplete selection of some submissions.

The Purge

Every Sweet Bell Day culminates in an event referred to as the purge (largely for historical reasons). Throughout the day, SBD staff keeps tabs on how much everyone is interacting and submitting challenges. The top 20 or 30 people or so are then ranked in performance from best to worst. We love newly active people -- they tend to get a nice ranking boost. Right before The Purge, we show a highlight reel of all of the best things submitted during the day. Then we move into The Purge, in which the leaderboards are revealed from worst to best position. When your name is revealed on the leaderboard, it comes along with a short paragraph explaining your ranking and reviewing your performance throughout the day. You're also given the opportunity to send a single message to be immortalized next to your name on the leaderboards. The highlights + purge is a seriously sweet and sentimental sequence of events. Even if you miss the rest of the day, be SURE to show up then. They generally start around 11:30pm EST, but admins will notify everyone far enough in advance with the exact start time during SBD.


Each Sweet Bell Day doubles as an alternate reality game (ARG) with a full storyline, a cast of characters, and often a fair amount of continuity. The storyline is set up so that you can completely ignore it if all you care about is challenges. Throughout the day some videos will be lore videos which progress the story. As with all other parts of SBD, some people get way too into the story despite the fact that the plotlines are generally somewhat ridiculous.

SBD staff

The majority of prep work (story planning, challenges, events, recording/editing videos, programming) is done by two people, Bobby and Jack. However our amazing staff Anj, Giuliano, and Chuck also do a lot of great work behind the scenes, both beforehand and during the day to keep things running smoothly. The SBD Staff officially consists of Bobby, Jack, Anj, Giuliano, Chuck, and Girl (our Discord bot).


There is so much that this brief overview doesn't cover. There's Sweet Bell Day: The Game, along with its intricate speedrunning scene. There is a rich history of characters and storylines that goes into each ARG. We have a Patreon page with patron-exclusive posts (all funds from the Patron go directly into prizes and props for SBD). There have been countless pieces of SBD art made and lost to time, and countless moments in call as well. Participants have the amazing ability to continually surprise us each SBD. It's impossible to capture the wildly unique culture the event has fostered -- the only way to really know is to JOIN YOURSELF!