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    - the story of little dog -

    little dog was a fine dog, a nice one even. he wanted to be big, a big up millinaire. a dog of class, crass, and higher life, at least higher then the other dogs. he is brown with yellow spots and has a hose for a tail and spikes for legs and a mohock. basically this dog is the coolest shit ever even cooler then Michael jackson or other bands like the beetles.

    one day jim (his names jim )was walking with his owner down to the dogs park. "grrrrr" he saw a dog said walking towards him. bam boom crash! they foght (dogfight) and then he won and went home and won the lottery for a billion dollars. the end.

    - star bios: mike tison -

    mike tison is a supreme legend. he is in the hangover and other cool shit. hes face has tigers in it and tattoos its ok because hes so cool. i saw him at the wall mart with my mom and dad and i have a picture with him here it is check him out he is frickin awesome!!

    - spagetti verses meatballs: the great dilema -

    one cant have without the other... but which is better? i surveyed my whole school, door 2 door and asked ppl on their opinnions. aaand... the veredect is in. scroll down to find out :)

    meat balls

    - begenners guide to weed and drugs -

    hello matey! arrgh welcome to me guide for how to get high! I'll be taken u step by step for the process of how to properly
    - buy drugs
    - take drugs
    - sell drugs

    ok lets start!
    first thing first u need a dealer. buy drugs from him dont buy from the darkweb it is fake ive tried it they just steal ur bittcoin.

    second: safe intake of drugs. for weed or coke (not sponsured lol) just eat it like u would a chip or a mcdonald sandwich, just tough it out bc this stuff can get narly on the way down but taking a pepcid or maybe pep to bismal will help.

    3 lefovers. if you have any lefover weed sell it ->maybe start a side gig and then the big bucks start rolling in!

    thanks guys, email me @ hotfucker69_3@gmaile

    - star stories: ronald donald -

    you may know him as your every day neborhood clown. but it is not the case. ronald donald is a great poet and writer he made great books like charlie chocolate factory, and other great books. yes while the name is similar 2 a familier face, he is not the same guy!! check him out at a local borders bookstore or barsen noble.

    - dumass reviews: taco bell -

    havent written this 1 yet, check back for more! dumass review taco bell shut down near me health inspecter

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