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What is Sweet Bell Day?

Sweet Bell Day is an interactive online holiday that takes place on Discord. We have hosted 13 events succesfully since November 2015.

ok... but what is it?

It's hard to describe without going to it yourself. It's kind of like a holiday, game show, competition, and party - all packed into 24 hours (sleep break included). There's also an ongoing storyline, frequent raffles of physical merchandise, and most importantly, a Minecraft server. If you have the time, check the showcase to see what people have done during SBD, and join the Discord server to get notified of when the next SBD is!

When is Sweet Bell Day?

It always takes place on a Saturday and we announce the exact date at least a month in advance. Join the Discord server to be notified of when the next SBD starts.

How can I support?

We have a Patreon that only charges per SBD (NEVER more than twice a year). It has a lot of great perks for supporters and helps us continue running SBD!

What if I don't have Discord?

Sorry grand-pa, leave your pager at the old folkes home, this is for the modern computer age. Discord accounts are easy to make and free (just like SBD!). Head over to discord.gg to create an account, then you can easily join SBD by clicking here!

What is SBD:TG/Sweet Bell Day: The Game?

Sweet Bell Day: The Game is a top-down adventure game made in Game Maker: Studio that was released in 2017. For more info, view the dedicated page for the game here!

Where can I obtain SBD merch?

Every SBD we have merch available for purchase to the public. Exclusive merch items are also available for high performing winners and raffles for lucky participants.

If i join the Discord will I get constantly pinged or annoyed?

No! The server is not accessible to the public unless it is SBD. The only way to message in the server not during SBD is if you are a patron that is messaging in the secret channel.

Who runs Sweet Bell Day?

Scroll down to see a detailed list of the staff members.