Sweet Bell Day is not happening right now.

What is Sweet Bell Day?

Sweet Bell Day is a biannual internet holiday that takes place on Discord.
Below are some examples of what occurs during the day.

Sara's Fan Art

Zorch's Fan Animation

SBD6.5's Video

Ace's Wall Art

Awowz's "Eat Upside Down" Submission

Anj's Fan Art


To maximize your SBD experience to it's fullest potential, you can do 3 things.

1. Join the Discord
2. Subscribe to the YouTube
3. Follow the Twitter

Set notifications on for all of those and
you should be ready when the day begins!

Sweet Bell Day: The Game

Sweet Bell Day: The Game is SBD's very own game created by our very own bard, chuck.
It features a soundtrack from boby, and gameplay elemenets that will rock your world.

Game | Leaderboard | Discord

Additional Information

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